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What is Real? Choosing Love Over Fear Workshop

What is real? Yoga philosophy tells us we are already enlightened, we have just forgotten the way. What led us astray? What is at the root of this misunderstanding?

The yoga sutras explain the root of this misunderstanding through the kleshas (obstacles). due to avidya (ignorance), asmita (clinging to ego), raga (attachment), dvesha (aversion) and abinivesha (fear of death), we move into a false perception of ourselves in our world. We mistake our thoughts for reality. We confuse what is changing for what is permanent. We tell stories about our lives and thus cease to live them authentically.

Yoga empowers us see through this confusion and lends us bravery to connect to the relationship of direct experience. Through yoga asana we gain the opportunity to look at our attachments, aversions and fears head on, and begin to sort out what is real in our bodies, minds, and our relationships.

This workshop will begin with discussion and will move onto asana practice. We will approach postures that can bring up aversion or fear. And yes, this means some inversions. We’ll be sure to include meditation and will close with a guided relaxation to allow the transformative potential of the practice to take root.