I'm Erika. Originally from Seattle, I moved to Berlin in my mid 20s searching for something. I think it was freedom, or adventure, or maybe I hoped to find a 'reason' for living life, when my existential suitcase was feeling pretty heavy. Berlin was dark, and cold, and so through a chain of unimportant events I found my way to a yoga class. Within the special alchemy of the city, and really, within yoga, I found space to heal. Yoga gave me tools to sit with my pain, and to understand that this staying put is the way to move through it.

A twice-a-week yoga practice quickly turned into a daily one, and now yoga is a fundamental part of my life. I'm kindof obsessed with it. I received my 300-hour Jivamukti teacher certification in England in 2012 and my 800-hour certification in Berlin in 2013. Since then I've trained and taught extensively in both Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga in Europe and Tel Aviv, and am always learning, always a student inquiring who I am, and why we're here. I am very happy to be in Seattle, sharing this practice back at home.


I spent a lot of years thinking I didn’t have ‘enough’ and am pretty stoked to have arrived at a point where I understand I have enough to share:

100% of the donations collected from Tuesday’s Jivamukti class will be used to support Global Movement Network.  GMN is a network of yoga teachers, artists and healers who direct their work to support frontline environmental activists protecting our earth. Learn more about this organization and who they support here:  www.globalmovementnetwork.org